Windows-based NASes do exist

This question is somewhat unusual. It is essentially about buying a Windows-based NAS, from some reputable vendor, as opposed to creating one.

I have issues with NAS failures. If an NAS fails due to a NON DISK issue then I cannot simply remove the disk and pop it in a windows computer and run it. The standard NAS I have run of some Linux OS so you can’t just pop them in the windows computer and expect to read them.( yes I know I can get a Linux box and recover the info. Not interested it that)

Is there an NAS out there that will allow me to remove the HDD from the NAS and install it in a standard windows computer?

Obvious way to have a NAS compatible with Windows, is to have a Windows-based NAS.

Well, you can find a NAS based on Windows Embedded, given that you look hard enough and then some. Thecus W4000 or WD Sentinel series are/were good example, depending on when you are read this post. Modern systems with Storage Spaces inside will give you almost unlimited flexibility at a cost of unlimited complexity.

So, there is really one positive side of having a Windows-based NAS, and that is: if the NAS box fails in some way not affecting what is on disks, one can plug the disks into any Windows PC and read the data.

Downsides and gotchas are also there

  1. If the failure affects data on disks, you are worse off than with a Linux-based NAS. Linux-based NASes are better known, and generally there is more experience floating around with those.
  2. If the Windows-based NAS is using Storage Spaces (which will probably be the modern trend; there is no advantage for the NAS vendor in having Windows inside except for Storage Spaces), the recovery from the failure affecting data on disks is not likely.
  3. Also, the standard Windows computer may turn out not-exactly-standard, depending on a system requirements for the disk pack.