Synology SHR

Recovery of a crashed volume on a Synology (here), can be complicated if SHR is involved,

I have a DS1010+ with all five drives composing a single SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) volume.

I had a fan go bad … which seems to have corrupted the volume. Currently the volume reads as “Crashed” and two of the five drives read as “System Partition Failure”. … S.M.A.R.T. Test … resulted in “Normal” readings.

… has anyone has had success recovering data from a crashed volume that used SHR vs. a more universal RAID format. Or could anyone suggest a data recovery process or software that might work with SHR.

As far as the disks are installed all at the same time, and all the disks are identical, Synology Hybrid RAID is the same as normal RAID5. If one more disk of the same size is added, the array is expanded but still conforms to a RAID5 spec. If the disks are replaced with larger ones to expand capacity, the SHR capabilities come into play and the array does not conform to a RAID5 spec any longer.

One way to deal with that is to call Synology support and have them try and fix the issue. The other option is to use our Home NAS Recovery, but it will only work with SHR if all disks are of the same size and all were installed at the same time.