The case for the Linux way

This case looks like it can be solved with Linux fairly easy

I own an Iomega storcenter ix2-200, with several shares… Shares show up as empty, on my pc as well as on the webinterface. … However, the webinterface also indicates that there 1.2 TB of data (the blue indicator), which should be the real size. Therefore, I assume the data is still present, but something has been messed up. Does anyone know / have suggestions how I can regain access to my data?

Shares not containing data is obviously bad. However, the case as a whole does not look that bad, because the volume is still indicating 1.2 TB in use, so the data is still there somewhere. Most likely, attaching the disk set to a Linux PC will allow to copy the data away. This should not be difficult given it is only two disks. Then, some Linux chmod may be in order to override any possible access restrictions, and the data should be there for the asking.