Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 device fails when powered

This is about an Iomega/Lenovo device, Iomega StorCenter ix2-200

When I power on the ix2 the ‘!’ light blinks red. I can’t connect to it…, under ‘dashboard’ everything seems as usual except the pie chart showing space usage is not there. … when I click on Users or Shared Storage it says Disks Not Ready. The selected function is not available due to the state of the disks.

… what to do from here?

Although it is not specified anywhere in the post, further discussion suggests there are two disks in the NAS. Another crucial bit of information missing is the RAID level. There are three possibilities with two disks:

  • RAID1, when two disks are identical;
  • JBOD, when the data is first stored on one disk, then once the first disk fills up, the second one is used;
  • RAID0, when the data is interleaved between two disks.

Red exclamation sign on a StorCenter indicates either a non-recoverable disk failure, or some kind of severe logical failure.

First thing to try, as rightly suggested in follow-ups to the original post, is to try booting with just one disk. This works if the array is RAID1. Two tests must be done because even with RAID1, there is an even chance of leaving the bad disk in.

If the array is RAID0 or JBOD, and the drive ha indeed failed, the drive must be repaired first. If there is no mechanical problem, but rather some logical issue, we can help you with RAID0, but not with a JBOD.