Rebuild fails to complete

This case is mostly about maintenance, when 220 Black Armor fails to complete resync

I have a Seagate black armor 220 which keeps trying to repair a volume after a had drive failed as part of RAID1. I replaced the disk, added the member drive ran the S.M.A.R.T checks on the drives and started to recover … it gets to around 80% and the restarts. There are no error messages and this has been looping for about a week now…

Any ideas as to why it wont complete the recovery process and rebuild the raid volume? or how I can trouble shoot it?

This one is easy. The NAS is still readable, so the troubleshooting consists of five steps,

  1. Back up data from NAS to some other location.
  2. Destroy RAID1 in NAS.
  3. Replace disk which is still not replaced.
  4. Reconfigure RAID1 and wait for resync.
  5. Restore from backup.

The problem most likely is that the second (non-replaced) disk has developed a problem; SMART test can sometimes miss a bad sector, or the interpretation of SMART data either by the customer or by the NAS firmware is excessively tolerant. The inability to complete the rebuild is more significant observation than a SMART test result.


Maxtor NAS

Maxtor was long ago acquired by Seagate, but you can still come by their NAS. This is one of the older cases:

I have a 1TB Maxtor drive attached to my network. It has recently failed and I can no longer access it. However, it is still shown on the network list in Windows Explorer, …. I can ping the drive and get a return. … important that I can get my files back. Does anyone have any ideas on some software that might be able to access it?

Sure, I have. Home NAS Recovery works with Maxtors too. In the end, it is the equivalent of the modern Seagate NAS, albeit with only one disk.

It may be interesting to note that the poster refers to the NAS as 1TB drive. This may cause some confusion with a regular external drive, but the external drive is attached to the PC, not to the network, and you cannot ping the external drive.