Various aspects of undelete, this time in MyCloud

So i’ve got about 1.7TB of files i want to recover on my cloud, which is proving to be problematic. I can’t use regular file recovery programs because they only work on local drives. I can’t find any working free alternatives for NAS drives, so i’m asking here. Is there freeware out there, that can scan and recover lost files on a NAS disk?

Regular recovery programs…. for a single disk and no RAID, they will actually work if you connect the disk locally; if you have multiple disks (with RAID), the list will shorted but still there is a choice.

Freeware… well, for EXT filesystem you may find some if you search real good. For any other Linux filesystem, not likely. For a single disk, or two disks for that matter, I have a free option of my own, you know, at least for a limited time.

If not, does the WD My Cloud work with a file structure my windows rig will understand, so i can pull the HD out of the cloud device and plug it into my pc and do a recovery that way?

Well, yes and no. Windows NAS recovery software, including, obviously, Home NAS Recovery, will understand this file structure. Windows alone does not. NAS inside uses Linux, and Linux file structures are not compatible with Windows.

Or would i be required to format it before i could get it to work, meaning the cloud device wouldn’t recognize it after i plug it back in?

That is a bad idea indeed, formatting anything which still has data on it that you want back.