Undelete from a NAS requires locally attached disk

This is a recurring question indeed – Can I recover deleted files from a MyBookLive drive?

I have a 1TB My Book Live network storage drive and I accidentally deleted one of the folders that contained some video files I saved. …  lots of programs out there that claim to be able to recover the data … have been unable to access the drive.   I did map the MyBookLive drive as a logical drive to my computer and can see it there.

Seeing a NAS as a drive letter, E: or something, in My Computer is not good enough. The network-based connection protocols are only good for file-based access, that is, give me this or that file, or store such-and-such file. To undelete, one needs sector-by-sector access, that is, read me the filesystem block 0, 1, 123, whatever. So, some fumbling with a screwdriver is in order – remove the disk from the NAS, or the entire set of the disks if multi-disk, and connect them to the PC whichever way you prefer. After which, undelete software will work.