Good encryption is not recoverable

If you set up something highly secure, you better have backup of it. Should it fail, more secure it is, more difficult it is to recover.

I have a QNAP NAS that had two large *.gho files (150GB – 200GB each) on a 1.5TB RAID Mirror 1 HDD.

These files are NOT Norton Ghost files but are True Crypt container files. I … managed to delete these two important files. I removed both HDD’s … in 20 secs of the deletion.

…. What do I do?

Nothing actually. If he’s really lucky, the EXT journal may still contain some leftover data; QNAP would use EXT3 or EXT4, both of them journal-enabled. If the journal does not have the original i-nodes, then TrueCrypt containers are no longer recoverable. The containers are specifically designed not to have any identifiable structure in them, or otherwise they would be breakable. Since there is no structure to work with, the fragments can’t be stitched together, and 150 GB is certainly larger than maximum practical limit for a contiguous file on EXT.