Data recovery for Terastation

This case has a common mistake of calling Terastation with two Rs. The correct variant is with a single R, derived obviously from Tera- as in Terabyte.

I just [mistakenly deleted] 700GB on a Networked RAID drive (A buffallo Terrasation)

Does ANYONE have a suggestion as to what Data Recovery software/undelete software I can use to undelete software over the network off a 700gig RAID array?

The only thing I have seen so far is Active UNDELETE Enterprise 5 (enterprise version supposedly can do network and raid …)

Actually, I have. Home NAS Recovery ( is quite good in undelete on Buffalo NAS.

Nothing works over the network, though. Active Undelete works with RAID, sort of, if you know the parameters for the RAID. Home NAS Recovery, on the other hand, is fully automated.