Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

People seem overly concerned about how to do the recovery should their NAS go down. These two cases (first, second) concern Thecus NASes.

If I create RAID 1 and the N3200Pro hw fails beyond repair (for whatever reason), can I take out one of the HDDs out and read the files on it in a Linux or Windows PC? I am only interested in reading the data once at that stage, rebuilding the RAID is a non-issue …


Assuming that I have a Thecus N2310. Assuming that I have a disk that *was* part of a RAID1 but the other disk is missing. What steps do I need to do with the disk and the N2310 to rebuild the RAID array and get the data off please?

I was describing this at some length in another post, but just for a short repeat, if you are worried about recovering data should the NAS dies, why not have a backup for it? The data may get damaged for reasons other than a total and utter NAS hardware failure. Lightning strike, software issue, or a number of other reasons will damage both sides of the RAID1 at the same time. RAID does not replace a backup.