ix4-200d unsuccessful drive replacement

Someone had to go to a data recovery center when his Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d has a rebuild failure

I have a StoreCenter ix4-200d [with 4 disks in RAID10] that had a drive failure. I … replaced the damaged drive. On restart the screen on the StoreCenter said “Drive 1 requires overwrite confirmation“, but when I go into the dashboard, there is no message for confirmation, and it has not lost all storage folders and shows 0 data stored.

… and that’s actually the end of story. Further troubleshooting attempts in earnest require the drives to be out of the NAS, no matter if you use Linux and mdadm, or Windows and data recovery software. However, as it often happens, some tinkering with mdadm was attempted, unfortunately with no effect, but fortunately without any ill side effects. The story ends happily, although not cheap


Yes i found a solution… I did send my storecentre to a recovery service centre and they managed to restore the data 100%…the total cost for this recovery €3000 !!!

That may seem tad high for a 4 disks in RAID10, as the drives were still readable and probably did not both require extensive mechanical work. The corresponding Home NAS Recovery license would have been little short of $200, plus a cost of four replacement drives.