Talk about taking risks

This thread is about unnecessary risks.

It starts with some sort of intermittent hardware failure, probably not-quite-dead disk or something.

ReadyNAS Duo [X-RAID]. I noticed is was offline in my LAN and I couldn’t access …. The device seemed to have frozen and it wouldn’t shut down normally using the power button, I had to pull the cable. When restarting … it didn’t boot up properly and become usable again

When asked if he has a valid backup, he goes on to say

For the relatively brief periods of time I can get it up and running I can browse the shares on the network as normal. i was kind of hoping to address the cause of it falling over without having to move the data off the disks.

Well, this is bold. I daresay it is sorta kinda bordering on excessively bold. In any anomaly like this, there are only two alternative courses of action

  1. back up data from the NAS, with the disks in the NAS, or
  2. get the disks out and clone them to blank new disks.

depending on the exact situation, one or the other may be better, but backup goes first in any case.