Single disk LaCie Cloudbox

How does one recover it in cause of failure?

…I own a Lacie Cloudbox [which] just stopped working suddenly. Doesn’t seem to be a physical disc problem, more like file system … It uses RAID (single disc) … If there’s someone here that would be into walking me through the steps involved to mount this drive in Mac, Windows, or Linux, that would be amazing.

First thing is that single-disk unit, with no provision to install a second drive, does not need RAID. Despite that, most NAS vendors use the same firmware for the entire product lineup. This has a side effect of single-disk models being unnecessarily complex. There still will be multiple partitions, and instead of using a simple partition for data, an md-raid JBOD will be used.

Now, let’s move on to the actual problem at hand. If a disk fails in a single-disk unit, it is a job for a skilled technician, no way around it. If it is a filesystem issue, this is a job for recovery software (like our

Theoretically, one may want to try to access data with a Linux, but that’s not likely to have effect. The NAS uses Linux internally; if the Linux was able to read data, there will be no need for recovery. The recovery is required precisely because Linux can’t access the filesystem any longer. While with a failed RAID some clever jiggling with mdadm parameters can (and often does) solve the problem, in a filesystem there are much fewer parameters to fiddle with. A single-disk unit can’t have problem with its RAID because it has no RAID, so we’re going straight to the filesystem level.