Lenovo PX6-300D

This describes behavior of the PX6 6-bay Lenovo NAS with multiple disk failures,

I have px6-300D nas with 3TB X 6 drives. I configured it with Raid 5. Few Days back it was showing a message The amount of free space on your ‘Shares’ volume is below 5% of capacity. and asked to overwrite Drive 6…Then i contacted customer care they told that your few drives (3 or 4) has failed. … and go with some data recovery solution provide… If its NAS with raid protection my data must be protected. I really need my data back.

RAID protection is great but it has its limits. It does not protect against anything else than disk failure, and RAID5 only protects against a single disk failure. Multiple disks fail, down it goes.

Reconstucting restarts at 45% starts with 0.

That’s what it looks like when implemented by Lenovo. Other vendors will have different indications, but the end result is the same and the array cannot be rebuilt. Short of packing the disks for a data recovery service, what else can be done?

  1. Cheapest option is to remove all the disks from the NAS, clone them to a set of new disks of the same capacity, and put the clones back. The NAS will hopefully pick up the copies and completes the rebuild successfully.
  2. If the rebuild does not pick up, our Home NAS Recovery software can in all likelihood do the job.