Is it possible to pull each disk?

This case brings the same age-old question, will it work with multiple drives in turn?

I recieved an email from the NAS that drive 1 had failed. Then I saw the following message:

4 new drives with existing data have been added to your Iomega StorCenter device. The Iomega StorCenter device failed and some data loss may have occurred.

And on the LCD screen there is a prompt for permission to overwrite each disk which I have not done because I need to preserve my data…I’ve tried everything that I know how to do. Does anyone have any receommendations? Is it possible to pull each drive and and capture the data from each by connecting it to another pc?

Well, talk about some data loss.

I will have my usual recommendation of Home NAS Recovery software. But there is one caveat – Home NAS Recovery requires all disks to be connected at the same time. You can’t capture data from each, you need to capture data from all the disks.