Basic Synology case

This is the simplest possible example of recovery, the unit being unidentified Synology.

Hard drive in my synology nas crashed yesterday. The disk was installed as a basic disc without protection. … storage manager … showed the disk as “not initialized”. I took out the disk and connected it to my windows computer to try recovering the files. I used “Ext2 volume manager” to see the hdd and it shows me 3 partitions … EXT3, SWAP and RAW. On the EXT3 there are some files but not the one I had saved on the hard drive.

How do I find the files that I had saved on the hdd?

And how do I know that my hard drive really is broken? The synology storage manager is not able to finish S.M.A.R.T Test.

As I do fairly often, I will address the last question first. If the SMART test cannot be completed, the drive is broken.

As far as partitions go, first one is most often firmware. SWAP is just what it says on the tin, and RAW is either data (which is probably maintained by md-raid so it was not recognized) or something broken. In any case, the first EXT3 partition is useless for recovery; you will get back some Linux binaries, not your data. On a bright side, Home NAS Recovery can see through the md-raid structures, identifies the partitions on its own, and reads EXT quite well.