Recovery over network

The original question goes like this (source)

I have [whatever setup with] mapped network drives in the form: \\nas\pictures, \\nas\music, etc.

… accidentally deleted a folder ..

I am looking for a piece of software that allows me to scan network drives for deleted content and possibly recover it. Most everything I find is to install on a file server. In my case a file server doesnt exist for me to install a piece of software on.

and the short answer is, you can’t have that.

The longer answer is (already in our FAQ) that even if you want a couple of files undeleted, you still need a full-scale analysis with full-scale hardware setup, removing disks from the NAS, putting them into a PC, and so on. The PC is not required to be some kind of a file server, any modern Windows desktop will do. If you do not have one, you have to get it. This applies to any NAS you can have, in any configuration.

Theoretically, as NAS runs Linux, you can login into Linux, install some Linux-based undelete software, and run it inside the NAS. In the end of this process, though, most people wish they’d have gone with Windows and hardware setup route.