Buffalo Nas broken – data recovery

The story on Tom’s  goes like

[I] have a Buffalo NAS (Linkstation duo) which is broken because of thunder I guess.I’m trying to recover my data by plugging the 2 disks in my Linux Computer through USB Adapter.

I did a rebuild of the raid array (RAID0: striping) with mdadm… I can see the files but they seem to be corrupted…the preview is good but not the full picture

Do you think there is a solution?

What I have to say about this

  1. Strictly speaking, NASes do not typically break because of thunder. The problem is in fact lightning, which causes electrical transients in a power grid.
  2. A RAID with all files corrupted, including the case where small previews are OK, but full-resolution images are broken, is the most common case of incorrectly assembled RAID. He got his parameters wrong. RAID level seems correct, because LinkStation Duo does indeed use RAID0 by default.
  3. Linux manual recoveries require precise knowledge of the RAID parameters. One possible solution, though, is to switch to Windows and use Home NAS Recovery. The case seems trivial, at least from the information available.