Buffalo Linkstation not recognized on the network

Someone’s Buffalo Linkstation has dropped off the network

… a Buffalo Linkstation with a 1TB hard drive.

Unfortunately this has stopped being recognised on the network now so I can’t get the files this way.

I have taken the drive out and…plugged it into a Windows Machine and been to Disc Management but it says it needs to be initialised before it can be used…I just need to be able to get data off …

I don’t the drive is damaged and it should be readable, I think just something to do with the network bit is no longer right.

What can be done there, short of using Home NAS Recovery? There are two possible other courses of action:

  1. Put the disk into a Linux PC, not Windows. The disk is likely to be readable.
  2. Replace the Linkstation under warranty (if still covered by warranty), then put the drive back into the replacement unit.